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March 08, 2005

But aren't Liberals always saying, criticism is good?

From the New York Times:

President Bush is nominating Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton, a blunt-spoken hawk with a history of skepticism toward the United Nations, to be the United States ambassador to the organization, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced today.

"The president and I have asked John to do this work because he knows how to get things done," Ms. Rice said. "He is a tough-minded diplomat, he has a strong record of success, and he has a proven track record of effective multilateralism."

Bolton is currently the undersecretary for arms control. As such he helped build an international coalition to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction, helped to negotiate Libya's agreement to renounce such weapons, and served as chief negotiator of the Treaty of Moscow, which called for sharp reductions of American and Russian nuclear warheads. He also worked with the first President George Bush as assistant secretary of state for international organizations.

He's way too direct and blunt for Liberals, so his confirmation may be a hard road, but from what I read of him, he seems a perfect choice for the job. That would be him on the right in the picture...which reminds me...

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 8, 2005 10:37 AM

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