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March 04, 2005

Did CBS affiliate's reporters harrass Christians?

From a report on the “Love Won Out” Conference in The Christian Post:

An argument ensued between the two person crew from KHOU, Houston's CBS affiliate, who were sent to cover the event when FOTF's media relations team asked them to stop shooting footage of attendees' faces out of respect for the people.

Despite the fact that KHOU's reporters signed an agreement of understanding, the reporter claimed she didn't realize what she was signing after KHOU's videographer called a member of FOTF's media relations team a "Nazi" and both started arguing with Mike Haley, the conference host, about protecting the identities of attendees. Security escorted KHOU out after that.

KHOU is the Belo owned CBS affiliate in Houston. In a phone call I made to them, they claim they had no one there, and would be contacting The Christian Post. Having worked for a television station I know that not all reporters cover only stories that are assigned. I also find it hard to believe The Christian Post and Focus on the Family would claim it was a KHOU reporter, when it wasn't, or at least weren't representing themselves as KHOU reporters. I also find it very plausible that given the outcome, the reporters and possibly KHOU would want to pretend it never happened.

KHOU is a corporate owned affiliate of one of the major networks. They will not want the bad press. My guess is that it may have been some employees that decided to cover the convention on their own dime, and thus felt they didn't have to “represent” the station by their actions, but still used the station's credentials to get in. I'm also guessing that within a day or so a couple of KHOU employees may be former KHOU employees.

Link of interest: Love Won Out

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 4, 2005 11:44 AM

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