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March 29, 2005

Felos, sicker than we thought

One of the top stories today is about Michael Schiavo ordering an autopsy done. In the past few days people have been demanding it, because previously Michael Schiavo's brain, George Felos had apparently forbad it. Terri's supporters assumed that Felos knew Michael could be incriminated based on what was found, thus the demand.

But Felos is a shrewd chess player. In spite of abundant evidence, Michael Schiavo has yet to be investigated for abuse. Michael works for the Sheriff's department and is part of the ring of politicians and powers that protect each other, as George Greer is. So what are the odds that Felos could arrange the autopsy to be done by a medical examiner willing it “interprit” the evidence the way they wanted? Probably as much as Judge Greer's chances of appointing a doctor that would parrot the euthanasia activists' line that the woman everyone can clearly see responds to her parents, is really brain-dead.

The bone scan people question is years old, and more than likely most evidence of Michael's foul play has long since disappeared. Felos' game is to deny everything, be as big a jerk as possible, then condescendingly acquiesce to selected demands. So far it's served him well in his goal to assist in murdering Terri.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 29, 2005 07:31 AM

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