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March 15, 2005

Great, white, northern anti-semites

From Haaretz:

The Israeli ambassador to Canada is investigating reports that the foreign ministry there is trying to remove the word "Israel" from passports that list the bearers' birthplace as Jerusalem, he said Friday. 

The move comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed in January by Eliyahu Yehoshua Veffer, a 17-year-old Toronto resident born in Jerusalem whose passport had the word Israel scratched out, in accordance with Canadian government policy. He is being assisted by B'nai Brith Canada in suing the Canadian federal government to be allowed to list both Jerusalem and Israel as his birthplace.

In the course of the lawsuit, it became evident that, despite the Canadian policy that does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem, some Jerusalem-born Canadians have been issued passports that do note their country, as well as city, of birth.

The Canadian Foreign Ministry has since asked people whose passports say "Jerusalem, Israel" or "Jerusalem, Palestine" to report to a government office and have the name of the country removed, Israel Radio reported Friday. 

Those Canadians -- always startin' trouble. This just eggs on the terrorists in Israel, but then what do the Canadians care if some more Israeli children get blown up.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 15, 2005 09:23 AM

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