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March 08, 2005

Greer: Embarassing the judicial system

From BPNews:

Challenging a judge’s ruling that there was “clear and convincing” evidence Terri Schiavo would not have wanted to live in her state, attorneys Mar. 4 won a small victory when Florida Judge George W. Greer scheduled an expedited Mar. 8 hearing on that matter and another related to Schiavo’s medical condition.

“What we are asking the court to do is basically admit a huge mistake was made,” attorney David W. Gibbs told the Florida Baptist Witness. “We are asking Judge Greer to do what is the only noble and right thing.”

There were 11 motions in all. BayNews9 in Florida reports that Greer dismissed five, granted four and is still considering one.

Greer agreed to allow the 41-year-old Pinellas woman's family to take pictures of her before her feeding tube is removed March 18 to comfort them when she's gone. However, Greer denied a request to allow the media to videotape Schiavo.

Greer also ruled that Schiavo's husband, Michael, can have Terri cremated and taken to Pennsylvania, where the couple got married. The Schindlers want their daughter to spend her last days at their Pinellas County home and for her to be buried in Florida....However, Greer ruled Schiavo's last days will be spent at her Pinellas Park hospice.

Greer is still deciding whether to allow anyone to try to give Schiavo food or water by mouth after her feeding tube is removed. He's expected to rule on that motion Tuesday.

Get this...one of the objections made by those who want her dead is that allowing her to take food and water by mouth might cause her to choke...and die. Of course, it would also prove that she is not in a Persistent Vegetative State, since the act of swallowing would be impossible for someone in PVS. We must assume that the droolers' real concern is that she doesn't accidentally die...before she dies.


The St. Petersburg Times does a sickeningly biased bio of Judge Greer. Times reporter William R. Levesque warmly praises the virtues of the man who remains insistent that Terri Schiavo must be tortured to death at the behest of her adulterous husband.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 8, 2005 10:45 AM

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