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March 29, 2005

Greer gambles with the lives of police

Police are boosting security surrounding the Woodside “Hospice” and specifically Terri's room. (No word if they are changing to brown uniforms with the appropriate “SS” on the lapel) The pretense is that they fear protestors may get out of hand, but the real reason is obviously that they fear state or even federal forces may try to intervene. Felos and Greer both know that by increasing police presence any attempt at enforcing Florida law could result in injury of death of one or more law enforcement officers, and the lap-dog Media would instantly blame whichever person authorized the raid -- ignoring Greer's and the courts' culpability.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 29, 2005 07:30 AM

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I have been reading comments about Terri Schiavo all over the Internet for the last week and like everyone else, am frustrated and sick over her situation. I pray constantly that a miracle will happen to save her.

Many people are blaming Pres. Bush and Gov. Jeb Bush for not doing more to help her. I, for one, think they have done as much as they can up to this point. Jeb sent law enforcement officers to take her into custody, but were forced to back down because the local police were prepared to back up Judge Greer's threat. Some people think the state law officers sent, should have pushed the issue and gone in and removed Terri at gunpoint. Maybe it would have succeeded then maybe not and violence would have erupted.

Very few people have mentioned the other residents at the hospice or what the chaos must be doing to their peace of mind. If an attempt to physically remove Terri by gunpoint had caused a violent reaction by the local police it could have injured or killed an innocent bystander or one of the other residents at the hospice. Can you imagine the outcry there would have been in the media if another resident had been injured or died of a heart attack or the staff was impeded in their duties to the other patients? That surely would not have helped Terri's cause in the media and other places.

It seems that the main problem stems back to the early days of the case concerning the judges and lawyers involved.

From what I have read, a very cozy relationship seems to exist among the law enforcement & judicial community in Florida that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get a fair hearing in this case or any other case for that matter. If you want a pre-determined outcome, it makes sense to shop for a judge that is known to not reverse his decisions and apparently is too prideful to say 'I made a mistake. I made a mistake because I didn't have all the information and I am sorry I made a mistake.' Felos, Schiavo and company have sure been bent on killing Terri for their own personal reasons, and they are many ($$$.)

Also it would be interesting to know how many moles there are in the DCF, FDLE and Gov.'s office that are leaking information to the opposition on just what plans there are or were to help Terri. An investigation might be in order.

The congress seems to have erred by not injecting the condition that the feeding tube be re-instated during a “de novo” hearing.

The statements by Felos and the Schiavo's are sickening. Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows she is suffering otherwise why inject morphine? I thought that MS said it was painless???? No pictures are allowed because they would undermine their case for a dignified death. They should remember the saying "what goes around, comes around".

The only thing we can do right now is keep on praying that the Lord's will be done.


Posted by: Cathy at March 29, 2005 06:22 PM

Thanks Cathy, those are some very good points.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at March 29, 2005 07:01 PM

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