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March 11, 2005

Greer must be impeached

From CNSNews:

Pamela Hennessy, media director for the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, in a press release Thursday called on disability and eldercare advocates to press for Circuit Judge George Greer's "immediate impeachment."...

According to the foundation's press release, on Tuesday and Wednesday Greer issued three orders that the foundation said all but assures Schiavo's death. First, Greer ordered that the family may not introduce oral nutrition and hydration following the removal of Terri's gastric feeding tube.

The foundation pointed out that Florida Statute 744.3215 (Rights of Persons Determined Incapacitated) requires that incapacitated people cannot be deprived of food and water.

"Ordering that Terri Schiavo may not receive nutrition or hydration naturally is against the law, in the opinion of the Foundation," it said in a statement.

Second, according to the foundation, Greer ruled that no further neurological tests may be conducted on Terri, using functional MRI to determine if she is in a "persistent vegetative state," as Greer found in 2002, or if Terri is "minimally conscious."

The foundation pointed out that Florida Statute 765.404, which defines persistent vegetative state, requires that the condition be determined and diagnosed as permanent prior to the withdrawal of life-prolonging means. Also, Florida Statute 765.309 prevents mercy killing and assisted suicide.

It remains a mystery why Greer has not been removed from the bench. Could it be that those empowered to protect people from bad judges have become so reticent to the idea of actually removing a judge, they'd rather see murder committed than do what they're paid to do? Who then protects us from them?

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 11, 2005 01:50 PM

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As with Michael Schiavo, our family and friends of longstanding believe that my father, Vincent Zecchino, M.D., 'accelerated the demise' of his wife, my mother, Julia M. Zecchino. Her death reportedly occurred at home on Marco Island, Florida on 26 July, 2001. Legitimate family and friends were in the dark about her illness. She was removed from Naples Hospital against doctors' recommendations. Against all expressed and long understood wishes for wake, funeral, and family plot burial in St. Ann's, Cranston, Rhode Island, her remains were cremated, precluding most opportunities for medical findings. This outrage was assisted by Linda Zecchino, of Holiday Foods, Hollywood, FLorida. (Holidayfoods.com.) These previously unheard of 'relatives' owe Dad several hundred thousand, if not more than a million dollars, in Promissory notes arranged by Girard R. Visconti, Esq., of Providence, RI. These funds are believed to have been diverted from rightful family. Indeed, they are viewed as having been earmarked for medical treatment of my late Mother. Visconti enjoys being photographed with the Bishop of Rhode Island. Pious.
Motives? An HMO in Rhode Island, Lifespan, at which my Father practiced when it was Rhode Island Hospital, talked him into handing over ten million dollars. Purpose? Fund a 'Crippled Children's Research Center'. For parallels, check out "Kings of New York" with Christopher Walken. The HMO needed money to buy a white elephant factory building from a questionable businessman. They were being sued by Visiting Nurses of Rhode Island over twenty million dollars of their endowment, missing since absorbtion by Lifespan. (Source: Providence Journal - Projo.com - July, August, 2001.)
Dad's 'nieces' Long known as covetous - "always about getting you and your mother out of the way to get your Father's money" - they spent years unduly influencing Dad, estranging him from rightful family. Their efforts paid off, inheriting about a million dollars cash and property between them, from my late mother, who would never in her right mind endow those she 'loathed, distrusted, and detested'.
This was facilitated by the Rhode Island Lawyer, Visconti, who chairs the Judicial Nominating Commission. His tool for Naples, Florida estate mischief was George Wilson, of Cheffy, Passidomo, & Wilson, a firm described by a senior, respected Naples lawyer as 'specializing in doing rightful families out of what is theirs'. Nothing like the right tool for the job.
An accused, deceased paedophile, Nelson A. Faerber, Esq., was involved in this wrongdoing vis-a-vis estates and people dead before their time.
Questionable practices, including forgery, deathbed powers of attorney - held in Wilson's office vault,reported unauthorized injecting of Julia Zecchino with unknown substances, observed withholding of proper treatment, among others, were brought to the attention of competent family members and interested parties.
As with Michael Schiavo, Dad - clearly not in his right mind given age and undue influence exerted against him - had long telegraphed his intentions, injecting cats to their deaths, throwing rubbing alchohol about my late Mother's bedroom and on her and attempting to light her on fire, upset as he was, having to spend eight hundred dollars on painting her cottage. Others had long marked what was Dad's - and his legitimate family's - as theirs, and ruthlessly persued it, stealing this man's soul in the process.
Ten million dollar gift to the HMO was obstructed by Julia M. Zecchino, described by legitimate family and friends as 'loving her son very much, refusing to go along with others' greed, that was her undoing, her demise'.
The estate was in trust in name of my late Mother and me. So far, I've had it easy. My wife, son, and I have merely been declared 'deceased', rather than 'Schiavo-ized'. We've been threatened, experienced 'aggressive coincidences' and my wife was target of a failed abduction during the conclusion of my late Mother's Probate in Collier County. We did not participate in that action. As well, we were represented to have disappeared, to have been unresponsive to postings thus forfeiting assets. We have been illegally disowned. Visconti, who knows better, claims I'm 'highly emotionally disturbed'. If all is regular and legit, why resort to risky, fanciful tales? What people will do for illicit gain.
What they're saying is they're caught. These 'larcenous Nineties Criminals' have yet to be arrested. They never thought my family and I would be 'resurrected'. But we were. We published our our tale of greed and death on the web, on Etherzone.com, among other places.
Julia Zecchino was pronounced 'terminal' not by doctors even in June of 2001, but by Dad's nieces, Helen Lavelle O'Keefe of Gainesville, Georgia, and her 'sister', Dorothy Lavelle Adams, of Summerfield, Florida, in November of 2000. This was nine months prior to death. What did they know? Were they merely unusually perceptive?
Others' greed unduly influenced Dad into neglecting originally curable conditions. It motivated Dr. Joseph "Coin Man" -after the coin necklace he reportedly took from my dead Mother as a gift, for his wife - Amaral, President of Lifespan, to encourage Dad to sign over his estate.
I was done away with by forgeries and false declarations. Why do you declare someone dead if they're disowned? Why do you disown the dead? Why contrive false, defamatory excuses to justify disownment, when you can disown at will? You do this when you're overstating a case, obfuscating the truth for illicit gain at expense of others.
Like Michael Schiavo, Dad professed a desire to 'go to Italy where no one knows me and I have no friends', shortly after my late Mother's assisted passing. Can't blame him for wanting to run. Schiavo seems deliberate, by appearances. Dad is unduly influenced. As well, age-exacerbated, documented health conditions rendered his judgement questionable.

As Son and sole survivor, I did all I could to prevent the outcome that young Schiavo seeks for his wife. My concerns were corroborated by hospital staff, social workers, family, and friends. Under Florida law, for all intents and purposes, if someone wishes to do away with their spouse for gain, and destroy most of the evidence by cremation, they can do so with impunity. For that matter, greed-sows can unduly influence elderly relatives to behave destructively for similar outcomes, with impunity.
Agencies failed, rendered impotent by assinine laws permitting spousal euthanasia, and of course, outright sloth and incompetence.
Perhaps there will be justice for Terri and indeed, for her husband, and hopefully for those who in future might benefit by laws revised to favor life and living. As Florida laws presently stand, they favor those who love death, made stupid by their avarice.
Congratulations to Bo Gritz and thousands of kindly good people who wish to see injustice thwarted. May Terri live to recover and tell the truth.
As avaricious prevaricators saw to it that Julia Zecchino was afforded no such right, others will tell it for her, regardless of which messengers they might malign.
In a stereotypical move, those colluding to take family assets without regard for human life, goaded Dad into taking out an Injunction against me, alleging 'domestic violence'. This was largely coached by Pat Stoye, 'Victim Advocate' of the Marco Island, FL, Police. Stoye, 78 years young, apparently interested in Dad for reasons beyond the professional, refers to the disabled as 'worthless human beings', 'mental retards', and other obsolete appelations. Perhaps she could pander her wares to Michael Schiavo, sounds like a good team. Blame the victim. Failing that, arrange malicious prosecution for the messenger.
Allegations are false, involving fictitious incidents, when it was by documentary evidence, physically impossible for me to have been involved. Seen as retaliation for exposing a last ditch effort so brazen that even those seeking to kill Terri wouldn't try it.
Visconti & Wilson apparently drew papers allowing for Dad's removal from Florida, to be taken to Rhode Island. His estate would be placed under Rhode Island law. Motives? Unlawfully deny us our Florida next-of-kin rights, circumvent consequences of their actions, obtain a favorable hearing from an obliging Rhode Island Jurist.
This was brought to the attention of authorities on December 8th, 2004. What a coincidence, the same date I allegedly committed 'domestic violence' upon my Father, who resides over three hours away in season. How desperate can these liars be?
Didn't they get away with it? Why stick around and harass the unlawfully deprived? Because, quite simply, they didn't. In the rush to pig-ignorant greedy-gut satiation, they tore up trust papers and wrote false ones, but they didn't get all the copies. The remaining ones lie in places that even pouffy, effete lawyers know better than to enter.
Injunction is viewed by reviewers, forensic personnel among them, as the first punch, always a fatal mistake made by those afflicted with avarice, posessed of no regard for lives beyond their own. Seeking to undercut, to cheat, they ultimately outsmart themselves.
To Terri, to Mr. and Mrs. Schindler, to Bo Gritz, to good people everywhere who love life and hate injustice, who recoil from those cloaking treachery in the language of the Victim Advocate Altruist:
Consider Dante's thoughts expressed by Dr. Fell, of the Caponi Library, Florence, Italy:
'Io fei gibetto a me de le mie case', - Describing the end of those, who as Judas Iscariot, engaged in treachery for short term riches: 'And I - I made my own home be my gallows.' (c.2001, Thomas Harris, "Hannibal".)
May Michael Schiavo come to his senses and find our Creator. Best to Terri, may you live to regain health, full in your senses, to bring justice to those who would deny you just that.

Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasoviet Key, FL
16 March, 2005

Posted by: Paul Vincent Zecchino at March 16, 2005 07:49 PM

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