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March 09, 2005

Hiding abuse with murder

From Tampa Bay Online:

Terri Schiavo could be taken away by state agents if the Department of Children & Families fails in its bid to delay the removal of her life-sustaining feeding tube, her husband's attorney said Tuesday. ...

In a document made public through the efforts of the Tampa Tribune and News Channel 8, a DCF official said the agency needs up to 60 days to investigate “30 detailed allegations'' of Michael Schiavo's actions as guardian of his brain-damaged wife.

“The allegations in the abuse reports go the the heart of whether abuse, neglect and/or exploitation has been perpetrated by the guardian such that any relief afforded by this court to this guardian prior to the conclusion of such investigation would be tragically misplaced,” wrote DCF Adult Protective Services supervisor Michael Will.

I'm sure there are abusive people all over the nation that would like to be able to remove any evidence that could prove their guilt. Funbny how quick social service agencies are to rip apart families on flimsy complaints, yet they take years to respond to well over 100 abuse complaints against one man.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 9, 2005 11:17 AM

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