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March 29, 2005

I guess the First Amendment isn't in their curricula

From WorldNetDaily:

In its mandatory "diversity training" classes, a school district has instructed students who believe homosexual behavior is wrong to keep their opinions to themselves, prompting a federal lawsuit.

The Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund filed a motion for preliminary injunction [PDF file] yesterday to immediately prohibit the Boyd County, Kentucky, Board of Education from restricting the free-speech rights of its students.

"We are filing this motion because students are being forbidden from expressing their own viewpoint on this matter," said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Kevin Theriot. "That's unconstitutional, and it must stop."

The motion was filed in a Feb. 15 lawsuit brought by Timothy Allen Morrison and other students and their parents against the education board.

 Seems the blues have no qualms at all about violating the Constitution. No doubt they expect a judge somewhere to interpret it to their liking.

Okay, I'm a bit miffed at judges today, but can you blame me?

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 29, 2005 07:24 AM

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