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March 15, 2005

Indiana Pedophiles for Choice

From LifeNews:

On the heels of a similar investigation in Kansas, Indiana officials have launched an investigation into whether young girls have been subject to statutory rape and had abortions without the rapes being reported to authorities.

Attorney General Steve Carter has asked the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to help his office track down medical records of 40 girls who obtained abortions at Planned Parenthood abortion businesses.

As in Kansas, abortion facilities are refusing to aid the investigation.

Planned Parenthood sued state officials on Monday to prevent it from having to release the medical records. The abortion business says releasing the information would violate the privacy of the patients and called the sexual abuse investigation a "fishing expedition."

So what if these young girls were raped. Why should Planned Genocide care? Abortuaries slaughter millions of children each year, and they're supposed to get all worked up over a few survivers that got raped.

Note that just as in Knsas, the issue was “privacy” to begin with. My bet is that in Indiana as in Kansas, as soon as the “privacy” ruse fails, they'll start telling the families of these girls in order to give the pedophiles time to hide. Yet, the abortion industry has always argued that the families had no right to know.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 15, 2005 09:29 AM

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