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March 10, 2005

Life is not an inconvenience

From LifeNews:

Newborn infants who survive failed abortion attempts must receive appropriate medical care and cannot be neglected under a bill approved by an Illinois State House Committee on Wednesday.

The Born Alive Infants Protection Act, HB 984, received a unanimous vote from the House Civil Law Committee. Members made a change to the bill that took out a measure spelling out the kind of care that newborns should be provided.

That change may prompt additional support for the bill, which passed through the state Senate in 2001 and 2002 but failed in the House....

Congress approved a similar bill and President Bush signed it into law in August 2002. However, concern came up last year that some hospital staff are not following the law.

Laws are meaningless unless enforced. The pro-death activists have managed to prevent accurate reporting on just about anything related to abortions, lest it some how impede “choice.” But MSNBC reports on conditions in the Netherlands that should be a warning bell to what awaits us:

Euthanizing terminally ill newborns, while still very rare, is more common in the Netherlands than was believed when the startling practice was reported a few months ago — and experts say it also occurs, quietly, in other countries.

Dutch doctors estimate that at least five newborn mercy killings occur for every one reported in that country, which has allowed euthanasia for competent adults since 1985.

Dutch Hospitals are supposed to use what's referred to as the Groningen protocol, a list of standards for performing and reporting euthanasia of newborns with serious, incurable deformities.  But since the bulk of these murders are unreported, there is no evidence that the protocols were even considered. Even the ones that were considered under the Groningen protocol were deemed “terminal” based on factors such a “future inability to communicate”, “lack of self-sufficiency” and “expected hospital dependency” in other words -- they would be an inconvenience.

Abortion as practiced in the US is a nothing less than murder to remove another human being that's been deemed inconvenient by the mother. Babies that manage to survive the murder attempt have been summarily slaughtered, in disregard of the law. When human life is treated in such a callous way -- the concept of law and order cannot be a very high priority.

Therefore laws mean nothing, unless they are enforced. Those that violate the law and murder babies must be held accountable for their actions -- and those that fail to do their jobs in pursuing those criminals, should themselves be held accountable.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 10, 2005 11:00 AM

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