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March 08, 2005

March the Eighth

This day in history:

March 8th, 1913 - Internal Revenue Service begins to levy & collect income taxes

...and the people mourned.

March 8th, 1916 - US invades Cuba for 3rd time, this to end corrupt Menocal regime

Wait! We can do that?!? Dang, then what're we waiting for?!?

March 8th, 1917 - Russian revolution breaks out (in Petrograd/St Petersburg)

For a more thorough look at this event and the subsequent idiocy known as Communism, visit the Red Primer for Children and Diplomats

March 8th, 1930 - Babe Ruth signs 2-year contract for $160,000. New York Yankee General Manager Ed Barrow, predicted “No one will ever be paid more than Ruth”

I'm sure the GM would have liked to believe that that would be the permanent salary cap. Actually, at the time, Ruth's salary was more than the President of the US was being paid.

March 8th, 1948 - Supreme Court rules that religious instructions in government schools is unconstitutional

...and thereby claiming to know the Constitution better than those who wrote it -- who saw absolutely no problem with religious instruction in government schools. Please note that the teaching of the religion of Evolution remains in government schools.

March 8th, 1965 - 1st US combat forces arrive in South Vietnam (3,500 Marines)

Thus began the latest of many attempts by Democrats to micro-manage war -- which always results in more casualties, longer wars and more often than not failure.

March 8th, 1983 - President Reagan calls the USSR an "Evil Empire"

...and the Communists' useful idiots in the US responded with outrage.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 8, 2005 10:46 AM

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