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March 01, 2005

March the First

This day in history:

3/1/1780 - Pennsylvania becomes 1st US state to abolish slavery (for new-borns only)
3/1/1781 - Continental Congress adopts Articles of Confederation
3/1/1864 - Rebecca Lee (US) becomes 1st black woman to receive a medical degree
3/1/1872 - Yellowstone becomes world's 1st national park

3/1/1875 - Republican controlled Congress passes Civil Rights Act; invalidated by Democrat controlled Supreme Court, 1883

Same ole same ole...

3/1/1913 - Federal income tax takes effect (16th amendment)

A sad day in history.

3/1/1932 - Charles Lindbergh Jr (20 months), kidnapped in New Jersey; found dead May 12
3/1/1933 - Bank holidays declared in 6 states, to prevent run on banks

But on a brighter note...

3/1/1937 - US Steel raises workers' wages to an astounding $5 a day

3/1/1954 - After flying 39 combat missions without injury in Korean War, Ted Williams fractures his collarbone in the 1st game of spring training

For us Rednecks...

3/1/1962 - K-Mart opens

3/1/1967 - House of Representatives expels Representative Adam Clayton Powell Jr (307 to 116)

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. challenged the informal ban on black representatives using Capitol facilities reserved for members only. He took black constituents to dine with him in the "whites only" House restaurant. He clashed with the many segregationists in his own party.

In 1956 Powell broke party ranks with his fellow Democrats and supported Dwight D. Eisenhower for reelection, saying that the Democratic platform's civil rights plank was too weak. In 1958 he survived a determined effort by the Tammany Hall machine to oust him in the Democratic primary election. In 1961, after 15 years in Congress, Powell became chairman of the powerful Education and Labor Committee.

In January 1967, following allegations that Powell had misappropriated Committee funds for his personal use and other corruption allegations, the House Democratic Caucus stripped Powell of his committee chairmanship. The full House refused to seat him until completion of an investigation by the Judiciary Committee. On March 1, 1967 the House voted 307 to 116 to expel him. Powell won the special election in April to fill the vacancy caused by his expulsion, but did not take his seat.

In June 1969 the Supreme Court ruled that the House had acted unconstitutionally when it expelled Powell, and he returned to the House, but without his seniority. In June 1970 he was defeated in the Democratic primary by Charles B. Rangel, who has represented the area ever since.

For us trekkies...

3/1/1968 - NBC's unprecedented on-air announcement, Star Trek will return

We're hoping that will be repeated in the next month or so for the current series.

3/1/1974 - Watergate grand jury indicts 7 Presidential aides
3/1/1977 - Bank of America adopts the name VISA for their credit cards

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 1, 2005 07:00 AM

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