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March 14, 2005

March the Fourteenth

This day in history:

March 14th, 1794 - Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin 

Lots of historical significance to this event. The cotton gin sped up production of cotton, thereby increasing demand. The greater demand led to more cotton farming in the south. While processing cotton was easier, picking it was the same old method -- by hand. This led to an increase in slave trafficking and also a greater economic dependence on slavery in the South. Before this time the US had used slavery as a source of contention with Great Britain, even including it in the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. After this the US become more dependant on slavery, and Great Britain beat us to ending slavery -- doing it without bloodshed.

Less than a hundred year later moral/political concerns clashed with economic concerns and the Civil War broke out. In the aftermath our entire form of government was rehauled. The shape of our nation today was significantly changed by that one single event that happened on this day, 211 years ago.

March 14th, 1836 - HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin leaves Australia 

A disillusioned seminary dropout, angry at God, searches for a way to rationalize his disbelief and decides to rehash theories already in circulation as his own. And thus emerged the religion of Evolution. Taught as fact at taxpayer expense in government schools, the premise is so weak it fails even as a theory, yet is zealously followed by adherents the world over. 

March 14th, 1900 - Hugo de Vries rediscovers Mendel's laws of genetics 

Following Darwin's examples, DeVries, also a devout follower of the religion of Evolution, discovers that a devout Christian has already thoroughly outline the basic laws of genetics, so he repackages Gregor Mendel's work and “conveniently” forgets to acknowledge him

March 14th, 1900 - US currency goes on gold standard

This is the process by which paper currency is actually backed up by actual gold (some times silver is also used). Nixon removed the last bit of real money on August 15, 1971. US currency since then is backed by nothing but confidence in the government. Ironically our economic policies which argue against a gold standard are based on Keynesian economics. Keynes was a socialist. For some unexplainable reason, his economic theories have prevailed in US economic policies, in spite of other, sounder, more reliable economic systems. 

March 14th, 1941 - Nazi occupiers of Holland forbid Jewish owned companies 

During this persecution of Jews, their most dependable allies were Christians, who risked their lives to save many Jews from the Nazis. After the war was over Christians were rewarded by being accused by many Jews of being the source of Hitler's hatred. God does have a sense of humor, though. In spite of the financial support of Jews during the civil rights protests of the 60's, and in spite of American Jews being killed as they defended the civil rights of Blacks in America, just decades later some Black leaders accused Jews of being the root and source of anti-Black racism in America.

March 14th, 1964 - Dallas jury sentences Jack Ruby to death for Lee Harvey Oswald's murder 

So a delusional wanna be communist is accused of killing the President, but before he can go on trial, a strip-club owner with terminal cancer kills him, and is subsequently given a “death” sentence. Kinda redundant wasn't it.

March 14th, 1991 - Emir of Kuwait returns to Kuwait City, after the Iraqis leave 
March 14th, 1992 - Farm Aid V 

I thought the juxtaposition of these two events was ironic. The United States spends over $60 billion to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. The Emir of Kuwait then returns to his mansion. A year later the farmers in the US are raising money to keep from going under.

But that's the kind of people we are.

March 14th, 1879 - Albert Einstein 
March 14th, 1920 - Hank Ketcham
March 14th, 1933 - Quincy Jones Jr

March 14th, 1883 - Karl Marx

Unfortunately Marx's idiocy lives on.

Joining Outside the Beltway's Beltway Traffic Jam.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 14, 2005 12:00 PM

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