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March 28, 2005

Mindless Media Myrmidons

In another blatant attempt at yellow journalism the Scotsman portrays the fight over what to do with Terri following her murder, as a “family squabble”

The legal fight to keep brain-damaged Terri Schiavo alive appeared to be over last night, but a new row erupted between her husband and her parents over what will happen to her body after she dies.

Michael Schiavo, who had his wife’s feeding tube removed by court order ten days ago, has made arrangements for her to be cremated and her ashes interred in his family’s plot in Pennsylvania.

But Bob and Mary Schindler want their daughter to have a Roman Catholic funeral service and to be buried near their home in Clearwater, Florida....

Michael Schiavo’s lawyer, George Felos, said a judge had already backed the cremation plan. "My client will scrupulously follow the court order," he said. "Her ashes will be interred in the Schiavo family plot in Pennsylvania, where Terri and Michael grew up."

What's conveniently omitted is the suspicious reason behind Michael Schiavo's eagerness to have his estranged wife quickly cremated.

Michael Schiavo decided to have his wife's body cremated after her parents' lawyers obtained medical records showing she had sustained broken bones, a nurse who cared for Terri Schiavo is now claiming.

"He wanted her cremated after the bone fractures and dislocations were found," nurse Carla Sauer Iyer, who cared for Terri in the mid-1990s while she was at the Palm Gardens Convalescent Center, told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity on Friday.

"He immediately went to court and [said he] wanted her body cremated at that time," she said, "after we got hold of the records that proved there were dislocations and fractures."
A 1991 report on a bone scan performed on Terri Schiavo states:

"There are an extensive number of focal abnormal areas ... These include: multiple bilateral ribs ... both sacroiliac joints ... both knees and both ankles."

Radiographs reveal "compression fractures" of the spine and right femur. ... "Compression fracture presumably traumatic," the report says.

There is more than one source for suspicion of abuse.

A friend of Terri Schiavo's says the disabled woman frequently had bruises on her arms and legs prior to her collapse in 1990. The comments lend further evidence to allegations that Terri's estranged husband Michael abused her and that those actions caused her current condition.

"I did notice bruises on her upper arms and upper legs," Jackie Rhodes told Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren.

The two worked together at an insurance company's office.

Rhodes said she wasn't phased at the time by Terri's frequent bruising and attributed it to "maybe running into the desk at work or, you know, maybe she was extra-sensitive."

"But now, hindsight tells me that I did see them quite frequently and that they may have been more than just a bump into the desk," Rhodes explained told Fox News.

"They were mostly bruises where normally they would be covered up, you know, during the work day," she said on Van Susteren's program. "They were smaller bruises, like maybe someone had grabbed her or, you know, like, squeezed her arm or leg really tight."

She also says that Michael and Terri had a heated argument not long before Terri's collapse in which divorce was discussed.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 28, 2005 08:32 AM

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