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March 10, 2005

More persecution of Christians

From the Pacific Justice Institute:

Pacific Justice recently filed a federal lawsuit against state and local prison officials who have arbitrarily denied prison ministries the right to send, and inmates the right to receive, Bible study materials vital to spiritual growth.

For years, prison ministries have faithfully sent Bible study materials to inmates at a state prison facility in Corcoran, California, free of charge and have witnessed firsthand the life-changing power of the Gospel in their lives. Recently, however, prison officials in Corcoran arbitrarily changed their policies so as to exclude most types of free religious materials. Thereafter, the prison mail room would not deliver Bible study materials to inmates who had requested and were eagerly awaiting them.

After numerous appeals went unheeded, these inmates and a local prison ministry contacted PJI. When the prison officials also refused to respond to PJI's legal demand letters, which clearly stated the inmates' and prison ministry's First Amendment rights, a lawsuit was filed in federal district court.

The President of Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus, stated, "The prison officials' restriction on inmates' ability to receive life-changing Bible study materials not only defies logic, but it also defies the law. We look forward to vindicating the constitutional rights of these receptive inmates and this hard-working prison ministry."

And Liberal religionists (I really don't want to call them Christians) keep saying Christians shouldn't be involved in politics. Seems to me there was that kind of attitude as Hitler gained power, which not only allowed millions to be slaughtered, but left Christianity smeared as who Hitler was representing. Moslems get a lot of flack these days because they fail to speak out against terrorism as much as they really should be.

Silence sends a loud message...whether that message is true or not.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 10, 2005 10:57 AM

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Are there any more details on this story?

What do the prison officials say about this?

Posted by: Bill at March 11, 2005 10:26 PM

The atricle I quoted is still listed under "breaking news" at the PJI's web site.

Posted by: "Jack" at March 12, 2005 05:04 PM

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