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March 03, 2005

Murder a human right?

Reuters reports that the US is ready to drop their insistence that the CEDAW does not classify abortion as a human right. (Of course that's Reuters -- consider the source.) The BBC is regurgitating Reuters' presumption. As does the ultra-leftist Associated Press.

Yet LifeNews reports:

U.S. Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey, head of the U.S. delegation, told the Associated Press that the U.S. amendment would address "what we believe to be the internationally agreed definition of reproductive health services," which does not include abortion.

"There is no fundamental right to abortion," Sauerbrey said. "And yet it keeps coming up, largely driven by NGOs (non-government groups) trying to hijack the term to make it into a definition."

The leftist news sources base their stories of “hints” and “signals” in Sauerbrey's speech when she mentioned “We anticipate that we can now focus clearly on addressing the many urgent needs of women around the world.”

The US is being condemned for “hijacking” the meeting over one issue -- although those same critics fail to notice that there are two sides to the argument, each equally culpable in any so-called “hijacking.”

On the side of those who wish abortion to be declared a human right are Communist China and Communist North Korea, which both force women to have abortions against their will. This seems to be no problem for those who claim they support a woman's right to choose.

Coverage: Hyscience

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 3, 2005 09:15 AM

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