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March 16, 2005

Murderer gets away

From Life News:

An abortion practitioner who is on trial for charges related to sexually abusing women on whom he performed abortions may have left the country. He failed to appear at a scheduled hearing last week.

After failing to appear in court last week, a judge issued a warrant for the arrest of Rodolfo Finkelstein, who faces two counts of first degree criminal sexual assault which could earn him a life term in prison

Another hearing had been scheduled for Monday, but defense attorneys requested a delay until March 21. That's because it appears Finkelstein has fled.

Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Barbara Morrison told the Oakland Daily Press newspaper, "We believe he has left the country."

District Judge Kimberly Small increased Finkelstein's bond last week and issued a warrant for his arrest. She could issue another warrant if he is required to stand trial and Morrison said she will ask for a trial on the abuse charges, whether or not he is present.

Finkelstein is married and has children, according to a Daily Press news report. He gave up his passport at his arraignment, but officials believe the native of Argentina may have a passport from that country or an alternate American passport.

Morrison said a detective confirmed to her that he left the country on March 1.

He makes his living murdering babies. He sexually assaults women. He's a native of Argentina, and they take only his US passport, and “trust” that he'll do the decent thing and stay around for a trial. Obviously graduates of the Barney Fife school of law enforcement.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 16, 2005 10:48 AM

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