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March 18, 2005

Now, where is the Taj Mahal?

From IOL in South Africa:

Members of the Hindu community are in a uproar after viewing Ford's latest television advert, which they say is disrespectful and misrepresents their religion.

The advert, which has been screened on television recently, features a man who appears to be a guru with Lord Shiva in the background and makes reference to karma.

Brindaveni Naidoo, a 23-year-old administration manager, said: "What angers me about the advert is the association between the Hindu religion and materialism. 

The advert does this by using the statue of Lord Shiva in the background while the man is trying to convince viewers to buy the car. Hinduism is based on spiritual enlightenment and not on wealth, as the ad suggests."

Well, the truth is, the concept of Karma as well as Hinduism works much like Communism to help rich, powerful people rationalize their cruelty toward the poor and weak, so it very much is about materialism. In Hinduism one believes that one's life is the result of the good or bad done in previous lives. Therefore wealth and power are a reward for having lived a “good” life previously and poverty, sickness etc. are punishments for having been “evil” in a previous life. Hindus therefore believe that to help someone poor or sick or injured is to interfere with their Karma, and condemn them to another life of punishment.

Nice rationalization to keep you from feeling guilty about being filthy rich while the masses die in sickness and starvation around you, as you do nothing to help. You can see it in action in India today.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 18, 2005 11:16 AM

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