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March 09, 2005

Same lies, new package

Yesterday James Taranto (first item) commented on the inability of Arab nation to continue to blame Israel for any problem their people experienced. Apparently, and WorldNetDaily reports, that hasn't stopped them from continuing to try:

Syria has published an updated version of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," an anti-Semitic story that claims Jews run the world by proxy, adding to it Islamic extremist ideology and dedicating the work to Palestinian suicide bombers, WorldNetDaily has learned.

The new edition of the Protocols was introduced at February's Egyptian International Book Fair, considered the most important event in the Arab literary world, and was published by a Syrian company, Dar al-Awael, which credits Syria's Ministry of Information with approving the text of the book.

The work contains several sections that claim Jews control the world, the Holocaust was a Zionist creation, and Israelis seek to kill Arab children, according to a translation provided to WND by Israel's Center for Special Studies. Chapters include "Judaism is a closed religion," "The Jews are treacherous," and "The laws of humanity and humanistic behavior among Jews are only valid for themselves."

The “Protocols” have been out a long time, and were even used by Hitler in his campaign to demonize Jews and blame them for anything and everything. One mistake many people have made in condemning the “Protocols” (One which WND, commendably, doesn't make) is to refer to them as a “forgery”. A forgery would imply that there is an original. A document created wholly from the evil imagination of some anti-Semite, would not be a forgery, but a hoax, or fraud.

Syria is frantic to try to divert attention from their oppression of the people of Lebanon, and of course Israel and the Jews, and the usual scapegoat for any Arab atrocities.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 9, 2005 11:06 AM

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