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March 22, 2005

Save the children, just not those children, right?

From The Christian Post:

The last 30 from a group of 131 Sunday school leaders and children have been released from custody, but a further church leader has been arrested, a UK-based a Christian human rights charity reported Monday.

“While we are relieved all those arrested in February have now been released, this latest arrest of a church leader concerns us deeply,” stated Stuart Windsor, National Director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. “The Eritrean regime seems to be pursuing with impunity an increasingly aggressive campaign against the churches.”

According to CSW, the children were attending their classes at an Eritrean Orthodox church in the capital Asmara when they were rounded up by police on Feb. 19. The children were then taken to a police station where their names and addresses were registered. 

After being held for nearly four hours, the children aged two to 14 were released and told to come back on the following Monday with their parents. Meanwhile, the remaining group of 30 children were transferred to Police Stations Number 7 and Number 4 where they were reportedly detained until the recent release.

The United Nations is proud to have the nation of Eritrea sit on its Human Rights Commission.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 22, 2005 09:01 AM

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