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March 09, 2005

...should be sauce for the gander

A good example of the kind of rationalized injustice the Left live by is the recent Indiana Court of Appeals ruling, which overturned a jury decision which had awarded DePauw University education program coordinator Janis Price more than $10,000 in lost wages.

The university had cut Price's pay, stripped her of all her titles, suspended her teaching duties, and placed her on probation, all for passing out Christian literature in class -- material that a university official construed as "anti-gay literature" in violation of the school's anti-harassment policy.

A jury agreed with Price that the Indiana school officials had treated the plaintiff unfairly and violated her rights. But even before the three-judge panel announced it was setting aside the jury's decision, the reprimanded employee says the December 7 online edition of the DePauw newspaper was already reporting that her favorable verdict had been overturned.

The newspaper reported the verdict a whole week before it was officially announced. Even Price wasn't notified until December 14th. Price and her lawyers want to know why the court was in communication with the university.

But that is only one of the improprieties the Christian administrator sees in the handling of her case. Price also notes that one of the panel members, Judge Terry Crone, is a DePauw alumnus, a fact she feels should have forced the jurist to recuse himself from the proceedings. And, she adds, "He also is well-acquainted with John Neighbors, who is the DePauw lawyer and a 1971 graduate of DePauw University."

Yet Crone didn't recuse himself from the decision. The decision was written by Judge Crone, a 1974 graduate of DePauw University, and the other two judges signed that they concurred, with no further comments.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 9, 2005 11:13 AM

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