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March 16, 2005

Sliding another inch into the slime

Since Hollywood, the Music Industry and the Democrat Party are still falling behind in their efforts to denigrate American culture to the lowest common denominator, dictionary maker Merriam-Webster, Inc, has officially added the term “wedgie” to their dictionary of the English language.

Main Entry: wedg·ie 
Pronunciation: 'we-jE
Function: noun
1 : a shoe having a wedge-shaped piece serving as the heel and joining the half sole to form a continuous flat undersurface
2 : the condition of having one's clothing wedged between the buttocks especially from having one's pants or underpants yanked up from behind as a prank -- often used with get or give

Note they don't even bother to refer to it as slang anymore. 

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 16, 2005 10:34 AM

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