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March 04, 2005

So which verb tense is legal?

From LifeNews:

Bob and Mary Schindler say their daughter engaged in a conversation before her 1990 collapse about Karen Ann Quinlan, a woman who previously drew the nation's attention to the issue of euthanasia.

Quinlan's parents waged a battle to remove her from life support in 1976 after an overdose. They won a court order to remove her from a respirator, but she did not die until 1985.

Circuit Court Judge George Greer based his starvation ruling on testimony from Michael that Terri allegedly had a conversation with him in which she expressed her desire to be removed from artificial life support if she were ever incapacitated.

However, Diane Meyer, a friend of Terri's, previously told the court Schiavo was upset that Quinlan's parents chose to end the life of their daughter.

Meyer said she joked to Terri in the summer of 1982 after seeing a movie about Quinlan's story on television. Meyer told the court the joke was in bad taste and it upset Terri.

Meyer said Schiavo told her "she did not approve of what happened. What the parents are doing" to Quinlan, transcripts state.

"Where there is life, there is hope," Terri told her friend.

In his 2000 ruling, Judge Greer said he thought Meyer's testimony was not credible because she described the conversation in the present tense and his says it raised questions about when the conversation occurred.

Now, understand the context here. Judge George “I can ignore the law and execute people” Greer decided one witness's testimony was not credible based on the verb tense she used, but another witness's (Michael Schiavo) testimony was credible, in spite of the fact that that witness had several million dollars worth of motive to lie.


Posted by Jack Lewis at March 4, 2005 11:51 AM

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