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March 07, 2005

That was some headache!

Leonard Woronowicz, 61, of Poland was doing some repairs in his kitchen when he slipped and fell. Of course such a fall would produce aches and pains, so he ignored them and continued the repairs. Later when he went to cut some bread he was surprised to see that his knife had been broken. The handle was there, but the 5-inch blade had been broken off and was no where to be found. He soon forgot about it as the headache he'd gotten from the fall worsened.

Four days later, with his headache still bothering him, Leonard went to see his doctor. Worried that he might have cracked his skull, the doctors x-rayed is head, and found the missing knife blade -- in his head, just below the right ear.

I'm sure there's a good Polack joke in there somewhere.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 7, 2005 09:13 AM

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