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March 24, 2005

The euphoric joys of dehydration

From WorldNetDaily:

While some news stories have suggested her starvation is painless, the head of the Christian Medical Association is debunking what he calls "the myth" that it does not involve pain.

"Contrary to those that try to paint a picture of a gentle process, death by dehydration is a cruel, inhumane and often agonizing death," said Dr. David Stevens, who says most so-called experts have never seen someone die under such circumstances.

"Unfortunately, having worked for 13 years in Africa, where the most common cause of death in children is dehydration from gastroenteritis, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of patients with dehydration and some of them so far gone, that despite resuscitation attempts, they died."

I've gone through two three day fasts and one, one week fast. I can assure you, from personal experience, that it is anything but pleasurable. That so-called medical doctors would be trying to convince people it is, reeks of Orwellian mind games.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 24, 2005 07:58 AM

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Gastroenteritis is a painful disease.

Dehydration is a sign of that disease- just as it is a sign of many other diseases and disease processes.

Gastroenteritis and dehydation are definately NOT the same thing.

I don't recall any DOCTOR using the phrase "euhporic joy of dehydration". I do recall a doctor being asked to explain some of the consequences of severe dehydration. I do recall the doctor explaining about metabolic acidosis (extreme blood chemistry imbalances) bringing on extreme states of delirium and euphoria in the CONSCIOUS patient.

I don't recall any DOCTOR recommending METABOLIC ACIDOSIS as a fun and safe natural high and a great replacement for recreational drug abuse.

Many doctors have been asked to explain quite a few things. Unfortunately these doctors have not always been clear on whether they were speaking strictly in terms of their professional medical opinion or if they were speaking from the perspective of a medical doctor AND a normal human being with strongly held religious, social, moral, political and legal beliefs.

I am afraid that doctors with HOSPICE experience are probably more affected in their religious, social, moral, ethical and legal beliefs than doctors with no hospice experience.

I don't believe anyone can have extensive hospice experience and NOT be affected by it.

I wouldn't believe any doctor that told me he (or she) was never driven to the hospital chapel. Every agnostic or atheist doctor learns to pray when their first patient crashes in front of them- "please God, please"

"In God we trust because the equipment doesn't always work, technique isn't enough and I might have overlooked something."

Posted by: DoctorMixedUp at March 31, 2005 03:35 AM

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