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March 22, 2005

The fight in Florida not over

From LifeNews:

Congress may have approved legislation designed to help Terri Schiavo and President Bush may have signed it. However, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and pro-life groups want the Florida legislature to pass a bill that would be more comprehensive than the one passed in Washington.

Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican, praised Congress and his brother, the president, for their actions. With a federal district judge likely to rule against the Schindlers in their efforts to prevent Terri's starvation death, a Florida bill is needed.

''I don't believe [the congressional bill] takes away responsibility of the Florida Legislature or this office to act in a way that deals with these issues going forward and deals with Terri Schiavo,'' Bush told the Miami Herald newspaper Monday.

I'm glad they're continuing to fight.

Dr. Gary Cass, executive director of Coral Ridge Ministries' Center for Reclaiming America, took more than 200,000 petitions Monday afternoon to the Florida legislature urging them to pass a bill.

"I support legislative, judicial and executive efforts that will stop the forced starvation of Terri Schiavo," the petition says.

Kate Adamson, a formerly paralyzed stroke victim had her own feeding tube removed for eight days. She joined Cass at a press conference to ask for a bill to be approved.

There's a good documentary I recommend on the political fallout of this case were Terri to be allowed to be execute by Judge Greer -- it's title “Schindler's List

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 22, 2005 09:13 AM

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