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March 07, 2005

The flight of the Italian grouse

From FoxNews:

Giuliana Sgrena, who was abducted Feb. 4 in Baghdad, spoke from a Rome hospital where she was recuperating Sunday from a shrapnel wound to the shoulder. The intelligence officer, Nicola Calipari, was killed when U.S. troops at a checkpoint fired at their vehicle Friday as they headed to the airport shortly after her release.

Sgrena said Calipari died shielding her, and that it was possible they were targeted deliberately because the United States opposes Italy's policy of negotiating with kidnappers.

However, she has offered no evidence to support her claim, and in an interview published in Monday's edition of the daily Corriere della Sera, she said she doesn't know what led to the attack.

"I believe, but it's only a hypothesis, that the happy ending to the negotiations must have been irksome," she said. "The Americans are against this type of operation. For them, war is war, human life doesn't count for much."

There's still speculation about whether she'd actually been kidnapped at all, or if she and her crowd of nutcases staged the whole thing.

Whining about the US also seems to be her primary purpose in this whole thing. It doesn't seem to matter that the US was completely in the dark about the whole thing. Everyone expects other people to die so they can not be inconvenienced by things like roadblocks.

Italian agents likely withheld information from U.S. counterparts about a cash-for-freedom deal with gunmen holding an Italian hostage for fear that Americans might block the trade, Italian news reports said yesterday.

The decision by operatives of Italy's SISMI military intelligence service to keep the CIA in the dark about the deal for the release of reporter Giuliana Sgrena, might have "short-circuited" communications with U.S. forces controlling the road from Baghdad to the city's airport, the newspaper La Stampa said.

That would help explain why American troops opened fire on a car whisking the released hostage to a waiting airplane, wounding Miss Sgrena and killing the Italian intelligence operative who had just negotiated her release.

Actually, it hasn't been verified that the Italian government paid anything. Who knows, the terrorists may have simply called the Italians and begged them to take her. “Please, we are sick of her rantings. She won't shut up, and no one here wants to kill her because then we'd have to touch her, ick.”

Of course you have to note how she accuses us Americans of not being concerned over lives, while she begs for ransom to be paid for her release -- an action that will guarantee numerous deaths as A. other people are kidnapped as the bad guys learn it is profitable and B. ransom money will be used to purchase added weapons to kill our soldiers.

coverage: Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway (also here, here and here), The Jawa Report (also here)

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 7, 2005 09:19 AM

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