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March 11, 2005

The Florida DCF regroups

After George Greer blatantly defied state law, The Florida DCF is weighing their options.

One option for DCF to consider is whether to take Terri into protective custody and to move ahead with an investigation into the charges. That could keep her feeding tube in place and prevent her scheduled starvation on March 18 from taking place.

David Gibbs, an attorney for Terri's parents Bob and Mary Schindler, said the agency could take custody of Terri just as it does children by removing them from homes in abusive situations.

"The courts are telling the Department of Children & Families, 'You can't do your job as mandated by the Legislature,' and I think that's inappropriate," Gibbs told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. "We're obviously waiting to see what they (DCF) will do next, but they certainly have the option of an appeal and taking Terri into custody."

Florida Governor Jeb Bush indicated he was disappointed by the ruling.

"I don't know how DCF can't be involved,'' Bush said. "There's a law that says if the hot line is called and there's a warranted need for an investigation that there ought be an investigation.''

While I am, as a rule, not a fan of social service agencies, in this case I would love to see them take Terri into custody. Unfortunately such an action, if successful, would set a bad precedent for social service agencies to over rule judges. It's sad that judges have elevated themselves to such a level of power that few can remedy the evils of a bad judge.

Michael Reagan has an excellent piece in the Sacramento Union about judicial abuse of power.

coverage: Hyscience (Hyscience also has an excellent piece titled “Terri Schiavo Deserves the Same Rights as Ted Bundy”)

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 11, 2005 01:51 PM

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