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March 03, 2005

The freedom to excel

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah lawmakers want to leave home schooling as unregulated as possible.

Legislators have approved a bill that blocks school boards from requiring that home-schooling parents meet minimum credential requirements and keep records of what they teach and of student attendance.

Also under the legislation, school boards could not require standardized testing of home-schooled students.

Instead, Senate Bill 59 simply requires parents to sign an affidavit pledging that their children will go to school the same length of time as public school students. Parents would be responsible for choosing all textbooks and teaching materials.

Most of the opposition in the Utah legislature came for those who were former school teachers, obviously thoroughly indoctrinated by the “Education” establishment. Can't have any kids escape that Liberal, taxpayer-funded brain-washing.

Hmm. I homeschool. While my wife does have a degree in Elementary Ed, she isn't certified, and does little of the homeschooling. Our 12 year-old would be in 6th grade if he were in a government school. He's doing 8th grade curriculum. Our 11 year-old would be in the 5th grade, and is doing 7th grade math. Our 9 year-old is doing 6th grade math. Our 7 year-old would be in the first grade, but enjoys doing math. She's doing what I did in the 5th grade.

And our kids are fairly typical of homeschool kids. Oklahoma, by the way, has the least restrictive homeschool laws of any state.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 3, 2005 09:12 AM

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