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March 14, 2005

The precedence of nonsense

From AgapePress:

A judge has rejected a Wisconsin high school student's lawsuit against mandatory summer homework.

In January, 17-year-old Peer Larson and his father, Bruce Lawson, filed suit against officials with the Whitnall School District, arguing three honors pre-calculus assignments should not have been required after the 180-day academic year was over. The plaintiffs argued that the summer homework created an unfair workload and unnecessary stress.

However, Judge Richard Sankovitz, has tossed out the suit. In his ruling, the judge observed, "Had the Larsons done a bit more homework," they would have learned that the people of Wisconsin granted the legislature "power to establish school boards."

Say what? What in the world does the “power to establish schoolboards” have to do with the school going beyond their 180 days, and penalizing students who did not do school work during summer break? Would those same school administrators like the same idiotic, non sequitor judgment used against them, to force them to work through the summer -- with no added pay?!?

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 14, 2005 11:50 AM

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