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March 15, 2005

The price of political correctness

From the Pulse-Journal:

A surveillance camera captured Brian G. Nichols' surprise attack on a Fulton County sheriff's deputy, but no one in the control center noticed the assault and sent help, said a law enforcement official who viewed the security tape.

The camera, one of more than 40 stationed through the Fulton County courthouse, showed 6-foot-1-inch Nichols overwhelming Deputy Cynthia Hall and escaping with her gun. Hall was escorting Nichols to a holding cell before his rape trial resumed.

So far media sources have failed to mention the height and weight of the lone woman left guarding the 6'"1, 236 lb former linebacker and rapist. The Pulse-Journal does go so far as to refer to Nichols' guard, Fulton County sheriff's deputy Cynthia Hall, as a petite, 51 year-old grandmother. Some defenders of women in law enforcement claim that it makes no difference. That kind of stupidity is exactly why four people are now dead.

Coverage: Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin has a newer story on yet another courtroom attack on a female guard.

WizBang has an interesting side story about the networks' scramble to interview Smith.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 15, 2005 09:20 AM

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