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March 07, 2005

The UN is a landmine

Also from WorldNetDaily:

A new United Nations campaign designed to get the public involved in the global fight against landmines is apparently too explosive for American television, as it depicts children being blown apart on a soccer field.

The 60-second public-service announcement titled "Kickoff" shows a match in progress before a buried mine on the playing field is detonated. (Editor's note: Click here to view the ad, some content is graphic.)...

A number of networks, including CNN, are apparently refusing to donate the time to broadcast the PSA. In fact, there's yet to be a single media outlet to put it on the air.

I downloaded it, and watched it. I didn't really see anything wrong with it. There's a lot worse stuff on TV, and for prurient reasons. This is at least for a good cause. The problem remains that it is the UN. I wouldn't ever support them financially for that reason alone.

My suspicion is that they really didn't try very hard to get it on the air, specifically so they could then whine about how calloused the American people are to the suffering in the rest of the world.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 7, 2005 09:21 AM

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