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March 23, 2005

The war for Judicial Oligarchy

At the heart of this battle is the desire for judges to maintain their unconstitutional control over the United States. The facts of the case have been decided by one man, who has some unexplained agenda to see Terri die.

A judge who accepted the medical testimony of pro-euthanasia advocates as valid, but dismissed the medical testimony of other doctors as irrelevant?

 A judge who accepted the hearsay evidence of Terri's adulterous husband, who stood to gain a sizable inheritance when she dies, as fact, yet dismissed the testimony of numerous nurses, friends and other witnesses as untrustworthy.

A judge who as yet has never actually even seen Terri Schiavo, but condemns her to be tortured to death.

A judge who ignores the recommendations of the original Guardian Ad Litem, that Michael Schiavo should be removed as guardian. A judge that ignored the recommendations of the GAL appointed by Governor Bush, that Terri be tested to see if she can swallow.

All of these facts are irrelevant in the war to control an entire nation. A war being waged in court rooms across the nation. Judges have control and they want to keep control. If some woman dies, then what do they care. It's war, and killing people is how you win war, and if killing Terri Schiavo is how they can maintain their power, then she will be killed just as readily as the terrorists in Iraq killed Nick Berg. Is there really any difference? 

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 23, 2005 05:44 AM

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