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March 08, 2005

They can't even win when they cheat

From LifeNews:

A Harris Interactive poll conducted between February 8 and 13 asked respondents their opinion on the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case that legalized unlimited abortion.

Surveyors erroneously told those polled that the landmark decision made "abortions up to three months of pregnancy legal."

In fact, Roe v. Wade made abortion legal for any reason at any time until "viability," the 22-24 week point in pregnancy where an unborn child, with medical assistance, can survive on her own outside of her mother's womb.

After viability, the Supreme Court says abortions may be performed for any reason to protect a woman's "health" -- a term that has been so broadly defined as to include virtually any reason. Roughly 10 percent of all abortions, or 130,000 legal abortions, are performed annually in the United States after viability.

"This is a myth that the Supreme Court itself has often repudiated, and it is polling malpractice, which has inflated the claimed support for Roe v. Wade by as much as 25 points," National Right to Life Committee legislative director Douglas Johnson told LifeNews.com.

Despite the biased poll, Harris Interactive found that the support for the case that legalized abortion is at its lowest levels in 20 years.

Just 52 percent of Americans said they supported Roe, under Harris' definition, and 47 percent opposed it. That's down from a 57-41 margin in support of the abortion case in 1998. The 47 percent who now oppose it is the highest number to do so since 1985.

The pro-death crowd love to use these figures to make it appear most Americans are pro-choice. The fact is that most Americans do not agree with the current laws -- a question these kind of pollsters never, ever ask. Currently abortion is legal anywhere, anytime, for any reason, at any age.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 8, 2005 10:42 AM

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