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March 16, 2005

This joke is getting sick

From The Christian Post:

The U.S. Department of State has requested more time from Congress to decide what actions it should take against "countries of concern" regarding religious freedom.

A report in September on religious freedom selected Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam as countries of of particular concern. Various sanctions could be enacted against the countries under the international Religious Freedom Act. However, President bush is allowed to waive any such sanctions.

"We've been actively engaged with all three in working for improvements in respect for religious freedom in those countries," said deputy department spokesman Adam Ereli.

Both Saudi Arabia and Eritrea are members of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Another member, Cuba, is urging the HRC expel one of the members it feels is the greatest human rights violator.

Speaking on the first day of the 61st Session of the commission, Cuban official Juan Antonio Fernández charged the HRC "is being shipwrecked by the weight of its increasing lack of credibility and prestige." He characterized the commission as a "sinking ship."

"It is sinking due to its inconsistencies and the impunity enjoyed by a few privileged beneficiaries of the irrational world order in which we live," said the director of multilateral affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry. 

"Cuba," he said, "comes to promote the noblest causes, and also to throw lies out the window, combat the impunity of the powerful and expose the hypocrisy of their lackeys." 

He pointed the finger directly at the U.S. government. 

"The membership of a superpower that subjugates human rights and restricts liberties reduces the legitimacy of this commission," said.

We should remove ourselves, from the Commission and the United Nations as a whole, and the kick the lying hypocrites out of our country.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 16, 2005 10:40 AM

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