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March 09, 2005

What's sauce for the goose...

In the battle over the rights of unborn children, the lovers of death have often used activist judges to ignore the law and the facts and rule against pro-life activists, even going so far as to use laws designed to combat organized crime against pro-lifers, in spite of the authors of the laws demanding that it was never their intend for them to be used that way.

The most recent attempt failed.

In the first abortion battle of the new Congress, members of the Senate rejected a "poison pill" amendment to a bankruptcy bill that opponents say would have targeted pro-life protesters.

The Senate voted down an amendment by Senator Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, that would prevent political protesters from using bankruptcy as a means of escaping payment for fines and penalties they incur by breaking the law....

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid asked senators to support the amendment.

"This amendment is not about abortion. It's about holding those responsible who commit violent acts and believe they are above the law,'' he said about the Schumer motion.

The problem is the very people the amendment targets, did not commit acts of violence. But then, hey, what's another lie to a Democrat.

Senator Jeff Sessions, (R-Alabama) said existing law already prevents a person convicted of wrongful conduct from using bankruptcy as a means of avoiding paying fines or debts.

"Bankruptcy reform is necessary and long overdue," pro-life Congressman Joe Pitts (R-Pennsylvania) in a statement following the vote. "But we should not use the push for reform as an opportunity to sneak in an attack on peaceful protesters."...

"There is absolutely no justification for singling out pro-lifers from bankruptcy protections other than open bigotry against faithful, pro-life activists, who are not reputed to pose a threat to America's financial institutions," says Tony Perkins, [Family Research Council] president.

"Other protesters, including those who support abortion, will remain protected by bankruptcy laws," Perkins explained. "Is this fair in America -- are we, as advocates for life, now considered second-class Americans?"

Underhanded, blatantly-unfair and immoral actions such as this sends a message that the law is not about fairplay, but about “might makes right”. When the law becomes an unjust tool for bullies, some on the extreme of the issue being assaulted will decide they, too will step outside the law. It happened in the sixties when some “peace” activists resorted to bombings and other violent crimes, and it's happened when the more extreme in the pro-life movement feel they must do as the pro-death legislators and judges do -- ignore the law and invent their own.

And the irony is, when people like Paul Hill take the law into their own hands, rather than blaming the activist legislators and judges that continue to disrespect the law, the media blame pro-lifers.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 9, 2005 11:15 AM

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