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March 02, 2005

Why do they want to murder Terri?

From The Empire Journal:

During Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist’s first year in office, he touted the passage of landmark legislation in civil rights and claimed a tough stance towards domestic violence.

The new law, named for Florida civil rights pioneer Marvin Davies just requires the showing of “a pattern or practice of discrimination” on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, family status or religion.

Now’s the time to see if Charlie Crist practices what he preaches.

At a press conference Monday, Ted Hires of The Justice Coalition of Jacksonville and Robert Schinder Sr, father of Terri Schinder-Schiavo, the seriously disabled adult condemned to die by order of Sixth Circuit Court judge George Greer, requested that Crist immediately convene an investigation to determine if Terri’s civil rights have been violated.

Sounds like he's following in Janet Reno's footsteps. The Empire Journal goes on to report:

Crist has in the past refused to get involved in the Schiavo case, saying the matter was in the courts. In October, 2003, when a federal judge asked Crist to address the question of the constitutionality of Terri’s Law, passed by the Florida Legislature to save the life of Terri, Crist said the law was constitutional but said he wouldn’t get further involved....

Crist has previously denied in a televised report that the DCF ever received any complaints concerning Terri Schiavo, an outright false statement demonstrated by the fact the week before, Greer had waved a file in the courtroom indicating it was a report by the DCF in the Schiavo case which had been sealed.

What is going on in Florida? Why do so many powerful people want Terri Schiavo dead? How thinly can Michael Schiavo spread that $3million he won, when he lied and said it was for her health care?


Tonight Princeton Pro-Life will be sponsoring “Euthanasia, Judicial Homicide, and Terri Schiavo” featuring Bobby Schindler, Terri’s brother and Princeton moral philosophy professor Chris Tollefsen.

Also be sure to read “Killing Terri Schiavo” a good op-ed by Rev. Robert Johansen a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 2, 2005 10:08 AM

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