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March 10, 2005

Why Greer wants Terri dead

In spite of affidavits from 33 neurologists, physicians and other experts in the medical field asserting that Terri Schiavo should be retested based on new evaluation and therapeutic technologies that can significantly impact brain damaged and disabled persons, Judge Greer dismissed the motion to allow such testing.

You have to remember, the point has come where Greer has a very personal investment in Terri's execution. If she dies, and is quickly cremated, then any evidence that his ruling were wrong, disappear. If she live, and receives therapy and recovers to the point she can begin interacting with her loved ones -- Greer will be exposed for the inhumane ogre he is. She has to die to protect his reputation.

Greer also heard arguments from the Florida DCF.

Department of Children and Families supervisor Susan McPhee told Circuit Court Judge George Greer that Terri's estranged husband Michael has denied her medical treatment and isolated her in her hospice room with the blinds closed and prevented her from going outdoors.

Those are just some of the "30 detailed allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation" the agency received in a 34-page document in February.

"This is a heightened situation because we are talking about the life of Terri Schiavo," DCF attorney Kelly McKibben said at a hearing before Judge Greer Wednesday, according to an AP story.

By law they are allowed 60 days to investigate reports of abuse. But then Greer has shown that he has little if any respect for the law, so he no doubt will summarily dismiss their request as well. Remember, it's now personal. He cannot allow Terri Schiavo to live.

LifeNews is also reporting:

A Florida state House committee has approved a bill that could possibly be used to prevent Terri Schiavo from being starved to death. The legislation prevents a legal guardian, such as Terri's estranged husband Michael, from denying food and water to a person unable to make their own medical decisions.

It's unclear whether the legislation could be applied to Terri, but Rep. Dennis Baxley, a Republican, said he hoped it would.

The whole idea was to make a law that would save Terri's life, wasn't it.

There is also the Federal legislation introduced Tuesday that could be used to spare her from her would be murderers.

Other coverage:
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Posted by Jack Lewis at March 10, 2005 11:03 AM

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Thanks for the linky love. I think it's appalling that we've gotten this far...Judge Greer should not be on the bench if he's going to abuse his judicial power this way, IMO.

Posted by: Cao at March 10, 2005 12:04 PM

It seems to me that so many laws are being broken in Terri Schiavo's fight. I can't find words to express the anger and the dispair that I feel. I am appalled at the things that I see happening. Thank God I walk by faith and not by sight. It seems to me that the self proclaimed king Greer, knows that he is about to be exposed, and he's mad. And he knows he's going down and blames Terri, and I believe he wants Her to go down before him. What kind of descision it, to not allow Terri food by mouth IF she has her tube removed? I scream inside with frustration from the injustice being done to Terri.

Posted by: La Donna Akin at March 10, 2005 01:42 PM

Nice Blogsite! I share your feelings of frustration and can only hope that Greer, Felos, and Mr.Schiavo are brought to justice. I believe their are many more accomplices like Gambone and the other brain dead doctor who signed the report.
My eleven month old daughter is hooked to a "feeding tube" three times a day, but if I denied her the feeding tube (read:bottle) and "let her die", would Greer rule against me for murder? Like Terri, she can't talk at this time either.

Posted by: hubbyanddad at March 12, 2005 03:17 PM

An interesting assessment of what's driving George Greer at this point! I've been at my wit's end trying to figure this out.

The explanation put forth here sounds very plausible. Being mystified and having no clue as to why Greer is so determined that Terri Schiavo must die distresses me. I don't want a person like him holding a position in which he can rule over the life of any other human being.

IMPEACH HIM? YES!!! He is not an honorable man nor a wise man nor a trustworthy man.

Posted by: Joanne W. at March 14, 2005 12:29 AM

ALL husands doctors say: YES PVS
ALL Parents doctors say: NO PVS
only independant doctor ive heard about: YES PVS!
You can listen to only one side if you want, but dont go walking around saying "I KNOW THE TRUTH" until you look at what your looking at. Understand?

Posted by: paul at March 17, 2005 04:51 PM

Wow, Paul, you're some know-it-all.

Go look at NRO's piece, "starving for a fair diagnosis". That tells it all. There are over 30 neurologists that say she's not PVS. DFS's investigation said she's not PVS. You're not accurate and your hubris is breathtaking.

Posted by: Cao at March 23, 2005 07:29 PM

Please get this info to John Gibson. Something smelly is going on here.

What about an M.D. name Mel Greer? I heard his name for the first time today in connection with Terri's prognosis.

Joe Davenport

Posted by: Joe Davenport at March 24, 2005 03:16 PM

From the AMA website

Melvin Greer MD
PO BOX 100236
Gainesville, FL 32610

Medical School:

Residency Training:

Hospital Admitting Privileges:
Shands Hosp at U of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Primary Specialty (Self Designated):

Secondary Specialties:

Major Professional Activity:

American Board of Medical Specialties Certification:
Copyright 2005 American Board of Medical Specialties. All rights reserved.
Neurology with Special Qualifications in

Posted by: Anonymous at March 25, 2005 03:04 AM

You must be kidding! How pathetic that all these people have been allowed for 10 years to get away with all of this. It's unbelievable to me that now, now that it's to late, all of this is coming to the forefront. Her parents, I can't imagine their state of mind. Their attorney? And where has he been? What good is he? What good has he done, or is he in on this too? Well read and read about this case. I have heard and read the attorneys given to her parents have all been involved in this case. Attorneys have become the judges, and the judges have become the murderers. Come on People! Gather together all of you, and pursue this in a court of law! They are all criminals. Put the case together one by one, with the help of her family, make a case, and get it finished! They can all be on death row alongside with Scott Peterson. After all, they are all sociopaths. It is domestic violence being played out in a court of law. Michael Shiavo has a record, a medical record for his known violence. He's been prescribed psychotropic drugs for his mental incapacities. Who is protecting him? They all are! Terri has a humble family. They've been denied money, information, and all these things for years and years. The time is up! Get it together people. Contact one another, build a force and pursue this case! We are ALL responsible for her death. Shame on all of us.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 29, 2005 05:25 AM

I don't know the accuracy of all this and hope someone who can find out for sure, will check it out.
I did heard a reporter or someone on TV say that George Felos gave a very sizeable donation to Judge Greers campaign fund when he was trying to be re-elected as judge.
Also The nurse that cared for Terri said when she found the empty insulin bottle in Terris wastebasket. after Michael Shaivo had been there, she reported it to the Sherriff dept.
But, nothing ever came of it and the sherriff didn't investigate. Now they claim she never did report any such thing to them.
But She said after she first reported the incident, she got anonymous threatening calls. Now I hear that Sheriif Rice is friends to Judge Greer and that he even had one of his deputies pose near a deputy's cruiser for a TV ad endoring Judge Greer.
Could he have been resposible for making the nurse's report disapear?
Then I also heard that the Sheriff gave Michael Shaivo a job as nurse in the prison hospital.
(Shaivo went to Nursing school on terris money). He said in order to care for her, but he denied her even basic care a 10 year old would know to give. I think he went to nursing school to learn what drugs he could kill her with.
I just hope someone who can dig around will do so, and see if any of this is true. I hope they gather the facts and if it's true, come at the "death squad" Felos, Greer, Shaivo and their goons full blast, like a whirlwind, and expose them to the world for the evil low life's that they are.
It would be the least we could do in Terri's memory.
And for those that think the right thing was done for Terri and there was no handwashing and dirty dealings between Judge Greer, Felos and Shaivo. Well, if it turns out that way, well and good. But wouldn't you want to know the truth if their WAS some hand washing or conspiracy going on between the judge, Felos and Shaivo?
To find out if this judge rules by bribes
Would you like to be the one to find yourself coming before him some day to make ruling on you if he IS that kind of Judge? Would you like if someone bribed him to rule against you?
We should all should be glad if someone takes the time and investigates.
If there are findings that he is that kind of judge, who many innocent people might be in jail( or dead) today?
If nothing can be found on him, fine. But I think sommeone should investigate and see if they truly do come up with some cold hard facts.

Posted by: Cheryl at April 5, 2005 04:16 AM

Really pathetic that Politics is so crooked. NOT pathetic that they got involved, only that they are influenced by the Political Scene. I didn't vote last time, and unless they change, I won't vote again. What the justice in voting someone in if they can't save our lives in a country that has more civil rights than any other country in the world? Pretty scarey.

Posted by: Kim at April 6, 2005 10:39 AM

Jack, I wonder whether that was the only reason. The one thought that I have on the subject is that Greer saw this as an opportunity to obtain fame. However, he has brought infamy upon himself.

Posted by: Maggie4life at April 16, 2005 06:06 AM

Actually I was suspecting that it may have something to do with the way his own parents died. There's is a vacuum of information regarding them other than they died at about the same time, just before he decided to become a judge.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at April 16, 2005 10:06 AM

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