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March 04, 2005

Will Greer defy even a Congressional act?

From the Florida Baptist Witness:

A U.S. congressman is preparing to introduce a bill that would provide incapacitated persons such as Terri Schiavo a complete review of their case in federal court.

The bill provides hope to her parents and other pro-lifers who are fighting to keep her alive, although there is some question as to whether it can pass Congress in time. It is scheduled to be introduced the week of March 6, while her feeding tube is scheduled to be removed March 18. The bill has yet to be introduced in the Senate.

The bill by Rep. Dave Weldon, R.-Fla., would provide Schiavo and other similarly incapacitated persons all the legal protections often associated with death row inmates, such as the right to a "de novo review" -- that is, a review by another court of all the evidence.

The bill, dubbed the Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act, would apply to disabled persons like Schiavo who are facing a court-ordered death. If her feeding tube is removed, she will die of starvation and dehydration within a matter of days.

They need to get on this fast. Fortunately the “sides” in this debate seem to be drawn between those fearful of the lack of protection for life, those drooling over the opportunity to murder some cripples, and those too apathetic to care. So far the apathetic have been useful idiots in the droolers' fight. The droolers look like ghouls to the average American, and don't want too much press coverage. The apathetic may realize that they will be perceived as one of the droolers unless they allow this bill to be fast tracked. It's all about appearances in politics.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 4, 2005 11:50 AM

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