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March 07, 2005

Wolves in sheep's clothing

From Reuters:

Seen from afar, the unadorned cross atop the First Family Church of Overland Park seems to stretch almost into the heavens.

But it is the thousands of Christians congregating at First Family and other churches throughout Kansas who are flexing their political muscle by pushing a conservative Christian political agenda that is rapidly gaining momentum.

"There is an evangelical resurgence in this country and what is happening here in Kansas is symbolic of much of the nation," said First Family senior Pastor Jerry Johnston.

Indeed, a host of conservative Christian causes are moving forward: on April 5, Kansas voters will take up one of the strictest anti-gay marriage amendments in the nation; the state school board is embroiled in arguments between evolution and Biblical beliefs about creation; and fresh battles have begun over book banning and abortion rights.

Okay, before you get all aflutter, take a closer look at this article. Look at the source -- Reuter -- a notoriously Leftist wire service (They won't even allow their reporters to use the word “terrorist”). Why is Reuters focusing on this, in this way, when Christian, Conservative and even middle of the road news agencies aren't? The article isn't about Christians mobilizing -- it's a warning to Christian haters, to get them to mobilize. The Left want to paint the Right as ignorant religious fanatics trying to impose some kind of Christian “Fundamentalist” Taliban regime on the US. This story seeks to create the false impression that all of the things Conservatives in Kansas are working on -- accuracy in Science Education rather than proselytization for the religion of Evolution -- caring for young girls rather than leaving them at the mercy of pedophiles and abortionists -- are just attempt by a small minority to force extremist religious dogma on the majority.

This article, lies and all, will in all probability be reprinted and mailed out as an ACLU/DNC fund raiser.

Posted by Jack Lewis at March 7, 2005 09:26 AM

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