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April 05, 2005

Around the Blogosphere: Terri Schiavo

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Posted by Danny Carlton at April 5, 2005 09:39 AM

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DemocRats wanted Terri dead. They thought the public opinion, as per the infamous ABC poll, disseminated by "MSM journalists", was with them. “Die Terri, Die!” was the DemocRat battle cry.
Now we know the truth from the new Zogby poll. Overwhelming majority of Americans would have wanted Terri to live. Unfortunaly, Terri is dead. So, what do Democrats do now?
They want to MOVE ON! Forget all about it. She is dead anyhow, so what’s the point writing about her? DemocRats are now trying all kind of arguments to justify their approval of judicial homicide.

As to the expertise and judgment of Judge Greer. Here is and excerpt from his ruling of March 26, where he evaluates Terri’s ability to express her wish, to communicate with others:

>>> “However, all of the credible medical evidence this Court has received over the last five years is that this is not a cognitive response but rather something akin to a person jerking his/her hand off a hot stove long before he/she has thought about it.” <<<

Based on the above conclusion, Greer finally condemned Terri to death. Isn’t this a stupid reasoning? Is this judge normal? I think he is a nut. I do not see any reason to “move on”, but rather moving this idiot to retirement in the Woodside Hospice.

Posted by: I. Caganek at April 5, 2005 08:07 PM

Here is the transcript of Father Pavone's appearance on Bill O'Rilley's Factor, April 6:

An excerpt:
"I was with Terri for three or four hours before she died, right up to about 10 minutes before her death. Now George Felos and Michael Schiavo, they want to say this was a peaceful, gentle, merciful death. Bill, in all my years as priest I have never seen anything so horrifying or agonizing as the way she died."

Posted by: I. Caganek at April 7, 2005 02:11 PM

We need to remove Florida Senator James E. "Jim" King From Office. He had a part in Terri's killing. The petition is open to all concerned citizens, not only FL residents:

But, most important, we need to impeach Judge George Greer, here is the petition:

Posted by: I. Caganek at April 13, 2005 04:21 PM

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