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April 29, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

NYT: Liberal Racists

Michelle Malkin

Liberals for Censorship and Vandalism

Michelle Malkin, Tim Blair, Jawa Report

Ilario Pantano

Michelle Malkin

Hasan Akbar: Toast

Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway, The Wide Awakes, Cao's Blog

Congress against Pedophiles for Choice

The Volokh Conspiracy, Ace of Spades (pedophiles in general. Same issue in my book)

Theocracy Myth

Outside the Beltway

The “Kill Bush” Radio Network

WizBang, insignificant thoughts

Succession Fever


American Arrested for Distributing Christian Literature

Jawa Report

Muslims sue Denny's

Jawa Report

ACLU Blogburst

Common Sense Run Wild, The Wide Awakes

Evolution flawed; Christian blamed1

Outside the Beltway

1. The article exposes a discovery that brings much of the foundation of Evolution into question, yet focuses more on how it contradicts the findings of Franciscan monk Gregor Mendel.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 29, 2005 08:50 AM

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HI, I saw that you trackbacked to Michelle Malkin for updates on LT Ilario Pantano. I just wanted to point out that the original source is Euphoric Reality, which is providing direct and exclusive commentary from Pantano's defense attorney, Charles Gittens. It is an immediate and up-to-the-minute source for all news on LT Pantano. Euphoric Reality is home to two female vets, and huge supporters of Pantano, who first exposed Coburn's outrageous blogging about the case on their site. They tracked Coburn's IP to definitively prove HE made the statements, and their efforts were officially entered as evidence in the Article 32 hearing on Thursday!

Just thought you might like to go directly to the SOURCE! :)

Posted by: Heidi at April 29, 2005 09:21 AM

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