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April 28, 2005

Bad career move

From the UK Independant:

A former clothes merchant from Britain has been convicted of trying to sell shoulder-launched missiles to what he believed was a terrorist group planning to use the weapons to shoot down airliners.

On its second day of deliberations, the jury in Newark, New Jersey, found Hemant Lakhani guilty of five charges including attempting to provide material support to terrorists. The 69-year-old is due to be sentenced in August.

Lakhani was arrested in a hotel room near Newark Liberty international airport on 12 August 2003 after a sting operation organised by the FBI in which an informant posed as would-be terrorist seeking to buy arms. In addition to trying to provide aid to terrorists, Lakhani, who was born in India but has lived for 45 years in the UK, was found guilty of unlawful arms sales, smuggling and money laundering. He faces 25 years in jail.

Sixty-nine years-old and he faces 25 years in jail for trying to sell missiles to terrorists. Not someone I would want to be right about now. Nice legacy he's left for his descendants, though.

“That's all of the family...oh, except for grampa. He's doing time for helping terrorists murder innocent civilians flying in airplanes.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 28, 2005 10:24 AM

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