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April 04, 2005


The dangerous death penalty

“The recent murder by judiciary of Theresa Schiavo marked an ominous new turn in the movement toward the next great wave of democidal mania.”

Barbara Simpson
The dress of liberty is stained with Terri's blood

“You may not realize that it wasn't just the removal of the feeding tube that was ordered. The legally blind, circuit judge George Greer also ordered that no one give her water or liquid food by mouth. Everybody was forbidden to even try.”

Pat Buchanan
The execution of Terri Schiavo

“America is a great country because she is good country, and if ever she ceases to be good, she will cease to be great, Alexis de Toqueville is quoted as saying. Are we that America today? Are we the same kind of people? Would the country we grew up in have done this to a disabled woman?”

Diana West
A culture of life vs. a culture of death

“What do Robert and Mary Schindler, Mansour al-Banna, Hanim Surucu and Kofi Annan have in common? Absolutely nothing. Really. By chance, though, they have all passed through, or, in the case of the Schindlers, remained, in the spotlight of the news in recent days because of their relationships with their children.”

Tom Purcell
My Living Will

“To my family, friends, physicians and my lousy, greedy future wife, who may attempt to whack me as soon as the court-settlement check clears:...”

Dave Weinbaum
Never forget Terri

“There's a big, ugly breach in the balance of power caused by an activist Judiciary Branch. This case is merely the tip of the iceberg.”

Lia Macko
Where was the outrage from feminists and disabled rights activists in Schiavo case?

“...the tragic case holds that an estranged husband with conflicted motives has the absolute right to end his wife's life-without any reliable documentation of her desires.”

Wesley Pruden
The story ends, the story begins

“Buzzards have rarely circled a prospective meal with the determination of Michael's circle of opportunists attending the dying Terri Schiavo.”

Mark Steyn
Public execution

“In the public areas of Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, the waiting journalists grab a Coke or a coffee or even a glass of water every half hour or so without anyone considering it ‘medical treatment’.”

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Posted by Danny Carlton at April 4, 2005 08:55 AM

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