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April 19, 2005


Laura Mansfield
Jihad comes to Small Town, USA

“The same imam who demanded that the men continue in the path of jihad did a complete 180-degree turn in this session, stressing instead the suras that promoted the ‘brotherhood’ between Muslims, Christians and Jews.”

David Limbaugh
Do words break bones?

“It's a pretty sad day in America when one cannot criticize the judiciary and even individual judges without being accused of advocating violence against judges.”

Jan LaRue
Is Justice O'Connor Chilling Protected Speech to Insulate Judges?

“In the 2003 case, Virginia v. Black, Justice O'Connor wrote for the Supreme Court, holding that prohibiting cross burning in and of itself violates freedom of speech under the First Amendment. In order to punish cross burning, it must be accompanied by ‘an intent to intimidate a person or group of persons.’ In other words, ‘Cross burning does not inevitably convey a message of intimidation.’ ...Since O'Connor expects black people to abide cross burning for the sake of free speech, one would expect her and other hypersensitive judges to live by the rules they impose on the rest of us.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 19, 2005 10:19 AM

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