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April 22, 2005


Marvin Olasky
The three political parties of Congress

“...when it comes to poverty-fighting, Congress has had not two parties but three: compassionate conservatives who care about the poor, liberals who want to help the poor but ignore 20th century experience and social Darwinists who don't want to help.”

David Limbaugh
The constitutional option: What's really at stake

“The best way to understand the brouhaha over the Republican plan to invoke the constitutional option to prohibit Senate filibusters to thwart judicial nominations is that Democrats are very poor losers, but Republicans are even poorer winners – so far.”

Jay Bryant
The trouble with nukes

“It's certainly still worth doing, but if Senate Republicans detonate the nuclear option to end the Democrats' filibuster of judicial nominees, they're going to lose the public relations battle big time. Not because they of rights should, and not because there's not a way to win, but just because they've got too many scruples and too few guts.”

Jill Stanek

“Ultrasound images of crying, pre-born babies interrupted the abortionist's otherwise relaxing nightmare about dismembering them in utero.”

Mona Charen
Bolton has common sense -- that's why Democrats hate him

“Bolton's point ... is that the United Nations is a tool, not an end itself. Rather than the ‘parliament of man’ liberals fondly imagine, the United Nations is a collection of nations each pursuing its own interests, and an unaccountable bureaucracy awash in waste, sloth, luxury and abuse.”

Robert Rector
'Good sex for teens': The war against abstinence

“Given the almost universal popularity of abstinence education, it seems strange that Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) soon will introduce legislation that would effectively abolish federal abstinence education programs.”

Ann Coulter
Pies, lies & videotape

“Of course it's hard to know what anyone said in this country based on newspaper accounts. The actual statements people make are filtered through reporters, who, as we know, are generally unexecutable in this country under Atkins v. Virginia (holding the death penalty for mentally retarded persons unconstitutional).”

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