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April 27, 2005


Walter Williams
The productive vs. the unproductive

“The productive people who made this progress possible are often painted as villains. I'm talking about the innovators and the risk-takers, in a word – entrepreneurs. Today's heroes are often seen as the people who attack entrepreneurs – among them lawyers, politicians, media people, leftist organizations, college professors and others who often contribute little or nothing to human progress.”

Kathleen Parker
Making sex safe - and boring

“When it comes to the riveting issue of how we should teach kids to practice sex - safely, or not at all, or some combo thereof - it seems it's the adults who are consumed with sex, projecting their own obsession onto children, who have been denied the right not to know.”

Jonah Goldberg
You're a mean one, Mr. Bolton - and that's why we need you at the U.N.

“John Bolton is a U.N. skeptic, as are most Americans and most conservatives. Democrats and liberals are very grumpy about this fact.”

Brent Bozell
Don't call it ‘Hardball’

“Chris Matthews really needs to retire the name ‘Hardball’ for his talk show on MSNBC. When it comes to liberal or radical guests, he ought to rename the show ‘Cuddles with Chris.’”

More on Chris Matthews: Outside the Beltway

Karen P. Tandy
Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us

“I'm amazed at how well versed in drug legalization these teens are. It is as if legalization advocates stood outside their schools handing out their leaflets of lies.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 27, 2005 08:40 AM

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