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April 08, 2005


Joseph Farah
Minutemen are heroes

“The Minutemen are showing us not only how to seal our borders and protect our national security, they are demonstrating how we can take back our country from the political establishment.”

Alan Sears
The gag reflex

“Does unfettered discussion of the morals, goals and social activism of those who engage in homosexual behavior indeed breed fear and intimidation? Perhaps in a limited number of extreme cases. But then so does wielding the law like a two-by-four on anyone who questions your politics.”

Kevin McCullough
Frist's filibuster flummox

“Sen. Frist does not seek to remove the option for Democrats to filibuster. The ‘nuclear option’ has only been discussed in relationship to how it is applied to judicial nominees.”

Devvy Kidd
How to end judicial treason

“While some committee sits around and decides which action to take that will cost the least politically, this country is being ruined by federal judges and the U.S. Supreme Court.”

David Limbaugh
Invoking the 'nuclear option' -- there is no other option

“I think Republican Party honchos may be underestimating the grassroots passion over the judiciary. The outrage against activist courts -- and by no means are all of them activist -- is real, growing and far from a fringe phenomenon.”

Rich Lowry
Get Tom Delay

“What is happening to DeLay is a ritual with all the carefully scripted but irrational rules of an Aztec sacrifice ceremony. First, the target is deemed ‘dogged by ethics questions.’ Then, every scrap of negative information is splashed on the front pages, until out of exhaustion the target's supporters abandon him.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 8, 2005 03:27 PM

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