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April 11, 2005


John Haskins
It's crunch time in Boston

“The Joint Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts Legislature will meet at the State House in Boston at 1:00 p.m. Their purpose is to either bury or allow a floor vote on a ‘Bill of Address’ to remove four Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court justices.”

George Will
Tormenting Educrats

“The idea, which will face its first referendum in Arizona, is to require that 65 percent of every school district's education operational budget be spent on classroom instruction. On, that is, teachers and pupils, not bureaucracy.”

John Longenecker
The Arizona Minutemen: Why There Won't Be Vigilanteism

“In 2005, there is no vigilanteism, and there is no such thing as vigilante justice, cynically or otherwise; it would be an oxymoron.”

Joseph Farah
Workers of the world, wake up!

“Imagine if the cost of goods was determined by a sliding scale based on what we earned. It would be outrageous, unthinkable, un-American. Yet, why is it that we as Americans sit idly by while the federal government uses just such an unfair system of sliding scales to determine what our individual tax burdens are?”

Craig Smith
Wealth without work: Deadly social sin

“America has become soft in our seemingly unending era of pseudo-prosperity. The proof? Millions of Americans fall into the credit trap, annually resulting in over 2 million bankruptcies in 2004 – doubling over the last decade.”

Debra J. Saunders
Bankruptcy bill or welfare for usurers?

“The lending lobby — Big Borrow-mongers — claims that it needs protections against deadbeats, who file for bankruptcy without even trying to pay off their debts. I would sympathize — if the money lenders weren't so rapacious — shameless, really — about fleecing the poor.”

Kevin Starr
My Party Is Leaving the Faithful Behind

“Today's Democratic Party leaders have apparently forgotten, however, that the social programs that came of age during the New Deal had their origins in Judeo-Christian tradition, even more than in secular humanism.”

Paul Jacob
The appearance of propriety

“Coburn just makes other senators look bad. He works too hard. He's not one of the play-along/get-along gang on the Hill.”

Robert Novak
Who's against DeLay?

“MoveOn.org, the left-wing activist group leading the fight against Rep. Tom DeLay, has claimed there is a Republican clamor to replace him as House majority leader that does not actually exist.”

Paul Weyrich
Media's Feeding Frenzy on Tom DeLay

“Half a dozen reporters from major news outlets are assigned to the DeLay story full time. They must find something to write or put on television to justify their jobs. That there are other Members of Congress who have done what DeLay has done does not bother them.”

Doug Powers
‘Sesame Street’ tosses its cookies

“‘Sesame Street’ is concerned with real-world reflection, and who understands the real world more than an organization that makes millions on merchandising and yet still receives public funding?”

Vox Day
Stay single, young man!

“Marriage, as conceived by God, is a good and fruitful thing. Marriage, as conceived by the state, is an evil man-trap designed to deprive men of their property and their children.”

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